Monday, August 30, 2010

Trending it the cheap way

My new shoes- Target $24 BARGAIN!!
Saturday was one of those magical once in a blue moon days where my boyfriend said "Wanna go to the shops?" ummm hell yes...
I dream of these days kids, never happens so I totally relish every second of it... 
We had a little look in Target (I'm a bargain hunter, what can I say) and I found they had just stocked up on new Summer shoes.... oh joy!! I took myself off to the girls section and was in love, IN LOVE!! I found 3 pairs including one I was blogging about only last week! 
How adorable are they and by golly so cheap!
My lovely, amazing boyfriend bought me 3 pairs of shoes as I came back from the girls section with 3 pairs of shoes in my arms and tears glittering in the corners of my eyes saying "I'm just so happy!". How could he resist!!
I find with new trends which look like they won't be around too long, like these clogs, opting for a cheaper pair suits me just fine!
Love love love!!
But be quick, I know all these babies won't be there for long!

miss chew


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