Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The hair I long to have...

Lauren Conrad
At the moment I am slowly packing up my life to move into a new apartment with my boyfriend and I am taking this time to continue my viewing of "the Hills", god I have missed it! 
I have a rather unnatural obsession with Lauren Conrad. Whether it's her hair, clothes, makeup... ahhhhh..... 
This pic just sums it all up really...
Whilst I am about 5-10cm shy of having her length in my hair I have been trying to get that same look in my hair for a while with rather terrible results!

What I am excited about it the new Remington hair curler!  

The new Hair curler which hits the shops in October, (grrr I want it now) will revolutionise the way we curl hair with a cone shape heating iron which you wind your hair along, no clips to get your hair caught in and voila! Done!
The most amazing thing apart from how fast it heats is how friggin cheap it is at only $50 odd dollars!!!!
I will definitely be getting one, as will pretty much most girls I know!!

At the Remington Launch

Me getting my hair curled

The "after" my attempt to be like LC

Watching The Hills also makes me realise its just about time I broke out the fake tanner and started bronzing up in time for Spring and then Summer...

miss chew


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