Friday, August 27, 2010

In search of smoother pastures... my journey to be rid of cellulite

Beauty Mouse
I have a confession to make... I am a woman and I have cellulite! I can hear your shocks and gasps from here. I know it’s a shock. Now being the beauty lover I am I have tried all the creams out there that are supposed to get rid of my dreaded cottage cheese but the cottage cheese remains. I have read about the Beauty Mouse on my works website and was impressed by what it claims. These products are made by the same people that make the Dermaroller. Our Australian distributors are Clinic Care
What you do is after you have a shower you apply the DermaQuest DermaFirm cream (which smells like peppermint) to the cellulite affected areas like you butt, thighs, hips, you know the usual culprits. The cream alone aims to reduce and prevent the storage of fat cells by regulating lypolysis and lipogenisis, basically the formation of fat cells through its 6 active ingredients. It increases microcirculation which drains the edema of localised fat, resulting in a smoother and slimmer appearance. Yay!  
Then you use the mouse over the same areas. How it works is that the beauty mouse incorporates 3 x Dermaroller heads and  a total of 480 micro-needles, the micro-needles help to enhance the creams effectiveness by 200 times to help the cream delve deep into the skin and it helps stimulate circulation.  Now this is supposed to be painless but the reality is its hundreds of little needles!! Yes they are 0.2mm but umm there still needles! I thought it really stung personally! I was left with little red dots all over my skin which stayed all night and continued to sting all night! The day after I can still see where I did it. Now I don’t know if I did it too hard or what but owww!
You continue to just use the cream in the mornings and at each night use the beauty mouse. I read on their website that they caution people initially against using the beauty mouse everyday until your skin gets used to it, but I still can't bring myself to do it more then every 3 days with the stinging pain. I know they say that beauty is pain but I just don't know if it is worth it or not. I really like the cellulite cream as it makes my legs feel so soft, however the smell is a little strong to wear in the day, who wants peppermint legs? So far my legs are looking a little smoother but I think the pain level means its hard to use it to it full potential.

Beauty Mouse retails for $285
Dermaquest DermaFirm Cream $150

I will post another blog with further information with price etc when I have been using this system for a bit longer and will (Hopefully) have greater results.... Stay Tuned...

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