Thursday, August 26, 2010

5 things I am lusting over right now...

I am a girl and by golly I love to shop, well mostly I am drooling over my next purchases... This is 5 of the things I want so bad right now...
1. Clogs
 1. Clogs. The so remind me of the 90's and are just so effortlessly cool right now. I have seem them at Sportsgirl and heard whispers that a cheap version will be arriving at Payless soon!

2. Parlux Hairdryer $175

2. I have heard such amazing things about Parlux hairdryers that they dry your hair faster than pretty much... well anything, used my hairdresses all over, including mine and you can buy them from Adore Beauty by clicking on that link. They are a bit exy at approximately $175 give or take but will last you yonks and yonks! The fact that it also comes in my favourite colour purple is also a mad bonus!
3. Mimco Cuff $229
 3. Oh Mimco, my love affair with you has surpassed all other love affairs and you never fail to disappoint! This cuff has particularly caught my eye with the amazing detail and will definitely attract attention. One of the things I love about Mimco is it just doesn't seem to date either.
You can show at mimco or find your closest store here.
4. Laura MercierTri-Shade Radiant Creme Cheek Colour, $68…
4. This is a recent ad from a blog post I read on Primped yesterday which you can view here. I have been on the look out for a good creamy blush and I love how I can blend whether I want a more pink cheek or a more bronzed or gold shimmer cheek! Prefect multi use prod!! Laura Mercier always delivers the goods and this looks to be no exception!
5. Fringe Handbag
5. As we begin to farewell Winter (Finally) I am looking forwards towards what I will be wearing come the warmer months and festival seasons. One I am sure to want to have is a fringe leather handbag. So effortlessly cool. I can picture it now with jean short cut offs, millions of bangles up my arm and loose flowy clothing... ahh Summer I can't wait! I am yet to find this perfect specimen, so if you have seen one around please let me know! Ta!

Hope you enjoyed

miss chew



  1. I visited a Steve Madden store in Singapore, so affordable.

  2. Do you know if there is an Aus shop or if they ship here?

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