Monday, August 30, 2010

My fave pick for the Emmys

Claire Dannes at the Emmys
I do love a good US red carpet, like every girl! I love seeing what the stars rock up in and what looks they have gone for as a tip of what we in the real world will be wanting. 
I was a little frustrated by the amount of updo's there were as well for me they all looked the same...
For me there were 2 looks that blew me away.
The first goes to miss Claire Danes with her summery look. I love the shade of blonde she has gone for and the amazing blow dry! Her cheeks are so nice and pink just on the apples of her cheeks, something I am a big fan of doing!
Her eyes are kept very natural with a gold shadow just on top of her eyes and under her lower eyelids. The shimmery feel to it is something I will be wanting in these warmer months, with a musk pink lipstick to complete the look. She looks radiant!

Christina Hendricks at the Emmys
The second look I love is by the ever beautiful miss Christina Hendricks. I absolutely love her. We share a very similar body shape and she has really helped me feel more comfortable with it. I am not the stick skinny size 6 Hollywood norm and neither is she, nor does she try to be. She has the kind of confidence a lot of us should aspire to have.
I think her skin in these photos just glows as well. You can tell she really is strict about the "sunscreen on for every second you go near the sun" rule, as we all should be.
She has used very subtle eye makeup with a dash of purple to compliment her beautiful dress but her focus is on her porcelain skin. 
I guess for me beauty to me is letting your natural skin shine through, rather than say Kim Kardashian who has such a thick layer of makeup on you would need a knife to scrape it off her face. To me that's not beauty.  
Do you agree?

Thanks to Bella Sugar as I borrowed your pics

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  1. I think that shaming people for wearing a lot of make-up is rude. Kim is gorgeous. Christina is gorgeous. Claire is. Everyone is. Please stop putting people down for wearing more product than others. That's their business.


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