Friday, August 27, 2010

Getting better with age, brought to you by Nivea...

Anti-Wrinkle Q10Plus Tinted Day Cream, $18.89
When we think of shiz that gets better with age what does it make you think of? Wine? Cheese? Brad Pitt? d. all of the above?
Well thanks to the good people at Nivea they were able to combine 2 of the 3 (Brad Pitt was busy) to help launch their new Nivea Visage Anti-Wrinkle Q-10 Plus Tinted Day Cream.
Why is this product awesome you ask?
Because its a massive multitasker!! 

Not only is it:
a. have a SPF 15 cause you know how important sun protection is.
b. has a great colour and coverage for when you don't want to wear much makeup. When I first squirted some out onto my hand I felt like I was looking at a foundation and not a tinted moisturisier. This is a massive plus for me.
c. Keeps your skin nice and hydrated all day long- big bonus as even though the temperature is warming up, hydration is still important.
d. But it also is anti-ageing with its amazing Q10 key ingredient! The increase in sun exposure with the warmer months coming up means that this key ingredient is important to maintain the youthful appearance in our skin.

How much more could you want off one little bottle?

At our lovely launch it was all about cheese and wine getting better with age and everything kept being brought back to the wonder of Nivea (nice work) Here is a pick of my lovely cheese and wine selection...
My cheese and wine... nom nom nom
It was a really great afternoon and really honed in on the whole 30 is the new 20 and how age isnt something to fear but to embrace. Embrace time passing with a new found feeling of freedom and independence. 
A attitude I really think we could all take on board a little bit more sometimes, myself included. 
Lastly here is a pic of their beautiful prodz!
Beautiful Prodz
Have a great weekend guys, just in case you don't hear from me this weekend, I'll talk to you next week!

miss chew


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