Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bio-Ionic One Pass- For those girls who are serious about straightening their hair

Recently I was given the opportunity to try the Bio-Ionic One Pass Hair Straightener.
It has been on the market for a while but I had never heard of it before. It is marketed as a professional hair straightener.

It claims to be the "Fastest Straightening Iron Ever" and has Silcone Speed Strips which aim to protect your hair. They say that it "accelerates the straightening process by breaking down water molecules to penetrate the cuticle, adding extra hydration and managebility to all hair types". So this actually benefits your hair.

When I used it on my hair I noticed it heated up really quickly which is a plus and boy did it make my hair shiny, so, so shiny. My hair looked really healthy after using it as well.
Now when you look at it, it might not be the most attractive machine compared to say the GHD but what I want is something that actually works.

This machine is perfect for girls who are serious about straightening their hair. You can't curl with this machine but boy can it straighten your hair. It actually straighens from the inner core of the hair follicle outwards. Those little blue strips cut down the time it takes to straighten making the whole process much faster and condition your hair as you straighen it.

AMENDED: Thanks to my lovely reader Ms T I have been informed that you can actually curl with it you just need to be careful not to apply too much tension on it. x
I really liked that it can adjust the temperature. That's one thing that annoys me about the GHD. The GHD is set at 220 degrees which I have been told for my hair is way too hot and I can actually feel the damage being done to my hair. That kind of heat is for really coarse hair. My hair only needs 180 degrees which I can adjust the temperature to on the One Pass.

It has a really long cord which is handy for the bathroom or bedroom if you have odd placed powerpoints like I do.
My super, super shiny straight hair (sans makeup, sorry)
The Price: RRP $320

Who is is perfect for: Girls who straighten their hair every other day and want to protect their hair and not damage it. It is worth it for those who are serious about having beautiful straight hair.

Where can I find it:  Call 1300 760 165 for the nearest retailer or visit the website

miss chew


Note: This product was lent to me to trial (then I had to give it back)


  1. Hello
    Ms Chew you can actually curl beautifully with the ONe PASS iron ,just dont put too much tension on it ,as the hair will glide and give you great curls

    Ms T

  2. MS Chew

    You should ask to get one half price since you gave it a great wrap -hust got on their website apparently the new POWERLIGHT dryer is amazing .
    can you review it for us...cause we love you

  3. Hello Miss Chew,

    I have a One Pass too... and I total Agree with you. The Bio Ionic One Pass kicks butt over my GHD. Keeps my hair looking like silk and shiny. It AWESOME. Best value for money!.
    Ms T is right, i can make beautiful curls with mine.

    Enjoy xxxx


  4. Hey Girls,
    Thank you for your lovely comments. I have amended the post to say that you are able to curl with the One Pass.
    I have heard about the new hair dryer and I am hoping to trial it next week so stay tuned!
    miss chew

  5. Hi Miss Chew...Bought a ONE PASS is definately the best iron ive ever had...beleive me i have had them silky smooth...doesnt dry out my hair...and the results...AMAZING!!!!! your work miss chew x


  6. Try Karmin Products Line! I have been using the Karmin clipless curling wand for about a year now and love it. It such a versatile tool! I can use it to curl, wave or just simply add volume to my hair. I am most impressed with how long my curls stay in as I have really thick, stubborn hair but they last all day with just a touch of flexible hold hairspray after using this curling wand.

  7. Impressed with this article! Thanks for sharing. I love using professional hair tools, I own a karmin straightener and it leaves my hair super soft.

  8. Hi, I have fine dry frizzy hair and am just wondering if you've tried the Karmin hair straightener and how it compares withy the Bio Ionic? Thanks.


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