Monday, November 22, 2010

Marc Jacobs Solid Perfume Bracelet and Ring AVAILABLE NOW!

I hate having regrets in my life... and I use the word hate, which is why I usually make sure I get the most out of life and do what I want to do and don't hold back. This was a regret.... not purchasing the Marc Jacobs Lola Solid Perfume Ring was one such occasion...

BUT..... from now the amazing Marc Jacobs has launched another line this time as a bracelet for Lola and a ring for Daisy.

They are $65 each and are available through MYER and David Jones. If you want one I would snap it up quick smart. I have asked this on my Chrissie list from my folks and have explained to my mother that she needs to purchase this A.S.A.P!!

Don't let this be a regret, I know I won't!
Now you will never be without your favourite, amazing scent and will look totes fashionable wearing it and will be the envy of all your mates!

miss chew


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