Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Want a Nail Polish Colour to make you Happy? Why look no further...

This delightful little baby was won from a wonderful competition from Elise at http://www.thenailfile.com.au/.
I had never tried China Glaze yet I had heard how amazing they are so I was beyond excited to win!! (Thanks Elise!). My goodness I was not disappointed. I will be doing many more reviews from this range, do not worry...
This delightful little trumpet is called Lemon Fizz and totally fits into a gap I had in my nail polish collection as I didn't have any yellows. I have seen them on a few girls nails and had always been a little jealous.
Normally with a light colour you need to apply and reapply multiple layers of colour to get a bold colour yet I could almost get away with only one layer it comes out that bold.
The colour is nice and thick and oh the colour is so dreamy I swear I smile every time I look at them.

Another plus is that it is already getting compliments! *Blush*

You need this colour: If you need a pick me up or are having a rough day, totes better then a cupcake- when you are trying to be healthy :)

The Price: $14.95

They are available from: Spas, salons and from the Hawley website.

What do you use as a pick me up?

miss chew



  1. This is a kickass colour and it looks so great on you! I'm so glad you are getting to experience how great China Glaze are :)

  2. Thanks again! I have had so many compliments today! Loves that! xx


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