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The Ultimate at home tan- NEW from Naked Tan

If you only read one post from me, then read this!

I have blogged often before about Fake Tanners and this is now the creme de la creme when it comes to fake tanners.

Naked Tan have long been known for their professional spray tans.
 For those of you that are unfamiliar with professional spray tans generally when you get a spray tan done you have to wait 6-8 hours and then you wash it off. This took me a long time to get my head around (or maybe no one explained it to me properly) but the reason why this is the case is because it takes that amount of time to develop and what you are washing off is the bronzer but the actual colour has seeped into the skin.

What is unique about Naked Tan is that there tans develop in only 2 hours! That is a HUGE difference and they are the same quality as the ones that take longer.
What they have now launched is a range of AT HOME PRODUCTS!!
But you know what the beautiful part is? They work the same as the professional tans!
This product pictured- Goddess Bronze Self Tanner is the tanner, it only has the one shade but I think it would adapt to anyone. The self tanner is a cream which you apply to your whole body (after exfoliating of cause) the colour of the cream itself is certainly dark. When I apply it to my skin, it almost makes my skin look dirty, but that 's ok I just keep on rubbing it in.
Once it is all applied I wait til my skin feels dry (yes, you know that means being nakie for a while) but then I pop light clothing on and then all I need to do is wait and go about my business. I take this time to do my nails, ya know, girlie stuff!

Now if you are a little hesitant about putting a tanner on your face, you can mix some of tanner with your daily face moisturiser.

What is nice about this tanner is that it is enriched with Shea Butter so it smells great with none of the yucky fake tan smell. 

Once you have waited the 2 hours you then wash it off and it will then develop over the next 4-5 hours.

When I awoke the next morning I was the most amazing golden brown! No orange, nasty disaster in site! See how bronzed I look in the pic below...

Here is me on a Saturday Night when I tanned on a Thurs night and still looking all tanned!
 This couldn't be more easier to apply, not a stuff up or white patch in site.

What is even better is that it lasts for a whole week! I think you get the strongest over the first 3 days but I was still noticing it towards the end of the week as well which makes this tanner a beyond winner in my books. 

The reason why it lasts so well is it has 8% DHA which is the same as a professional tan. DHA is the stuff that actually tans your skin. A lot of tanners on the market are actually bronzers which wash off or the level of DHA is so little that it doesn't last on your skin.

Please note: Because of the DHA's in the formula you need to really make sure you keep up your daily body moisturising as the DHA's really dry out your skin.  

I have had so many people commenting on my tan and asking where I got my spray tan from, noice! Gotta love that!

You can purchase these tanners from salons that stock naked tan.

To find your nearest stockist you can either visit their website or call 1300 365 683.

The Price for the bottle is $26.95 which is so cheap when you think of the amazing type of tan and how well it lasts. 

miss chew


Please note: This product


  1. Yes Yes Yes!!
    I have heard so much hype for this product i am sooo excited to try it!
    There are also heaps more stocklists than i thought.

    Just wondering - how much of the bottle do you use per application? (i could possibly buy an entire store out)

  2. Hey Camilla,
    I have completely covered my body head to toe 3 times already and no sign of it running out but with it being this cheap I think I will probably buy many bottles to keep on standby as it's so much cheaper and better than spray tans!
    miss chew


  3. yeay finally came out :-) I'm buying some this arvo for the weekend, keep you posted on results! I'm a St. Tropez girl all the way in terms of self tan so I'm excited to give this a go! xx

  4. Alright so I gave it a try last night!
    Thoughts -----

    On one application it comes up quite dark (I usually need two coats but can probably get away with one), which is good!
    Coconut smell is yummy, but wears off once DHA starts reacting.
    Nice natural colour, and the bronzer allows even application - no patches!

    the bronzer goes on quite streaky so I was worried, but the tan itself came out well. You couldn't apply it before going out though, as it made me look quite dirty - the winner is that can you apply it and then shower after 2 hours before going out!
    Doesn't go on as smoothly as my usual brand.
    My hands are a bit messy today also, again because it doesn't apply as smoothly so am a little bit streaky on the backs of my hands.

    I will definitely be buying it again, it is miles better than any of the low budget brands and better value for money than St. Tropez (which is around $40 for a smaller tube).
    Finally another good self tan! I have been buying St Tropez for so long as nothing else compared so it, now I have a cheaper product just as good.


  5. Hey Cat,
    I am so glad you liked your naked tan. I think this is supposed to be a tan that you do in the night so that you can wait the 2 hours and wash off.
    I find the palms of my hands are a bit hard to get rid of the orange but as the tan last so long these are usually gone after the first day.
    I totally agree, so much better then any other brand within this price range or really any at home brands. The colour for me last so much longer!
    I am so glad you liked it!
    miss chew


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