Wednesday, November 17, 2010

An eye creme to soothe, heal and repair your beautiful eyes, thanks Burt's Bees!

What I would love to talk to you about is this delightful little eye creme. I have been absolutely hanging to tell you about this post since the very first time I placed it around my eyes but being the good blogger I am I waiting patiently to see out my 2 week trial to see the results before posting this blog.
I can tell you one thing, my opinion of this eye creme has not once differed from my first use.

The eye creme I am referring to is none other then Burt's Bees Radiance Eye Creme with Royal Jelly-$34.95.

The list of wonderful ingredients
My last eye creme has actually run out and I was as keen as mustard to try a Burt's Bees one especially considering how much I have loved each and every other product that I have tried.

The beautiful little pot of heaven
My favourite ingredient? Why the Rosehip oil of cause!
Rosehip oil is a little joy, not only does it nourish and hydrate your skin but it improves the condition of fine lines so I know I am in good hands.

When you apply the cream you will notice that it is only very subtly naturally fragranced and there are no additional smells which I love as I am not a fan of fragranced creams on my face unless they are beautiful oils.

The cream blends in well with your skin and I notice it feels so hydrated for a long time after using it. Not only has it made my eyes feel amazing after and awake but the condition of the skin around my eyes feels great.

I make sure I use mine morning and night and you only need a tiny, little bit as it spreads far.

I will be using this little baby til it all runs out. I highly encourage anyone to try this cream as it's not only effective but feels amazing.

miss chew


Please Note: This product was given to me to trial

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