Thursday, November 11, 2010

Country Music Awards- Leighton Meester

Somebody get this girl some eyeliner STAT! 

I don't know about you but I was a little disappointed with Leighton Meester look that she went for at the Country Music awards. For a red carpet appearance I guess and you can call me old fashioned but I expect some glamour!
I know that when I am getting dressed to go out, if I don't have some eyeliner either lower lash line for a more dramatic look or at least some liquid liner on my upper lash line that I feel washed out and pale which is actually kind of what I think when I see this picture. 
Now I know I don't mean to sound like a biatch but when we do see something that isn't necessarily amazing it makes us learn from this to make sure we don't do the same mistake. 
What I do love is how her whole look from her beautiful bronzed hair to her slightly bronzed lips is all very matchy matchy which I am a really big fan of right now. 
Sometimes when I don't want a dramatic eye I just line the outer lower lash line which just gives my lashes the right amount of definition. I can see she has got a coppery colour over and under her eyes but is it just me or is it not quite enough?

Her skin on the other hand is utterly radiant and for this I think she should earn a round of applause! *applause* 

What do you think?

miss chew



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  2. Thanks so much Jesse! I just checked out your blog and I am following you now :)
    miss chew


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