Monday, November 29, 2010

Don't leave the house without this ONE product!

Finding the Ere Perez Natural Cheek and Lip Balm $27.95 was like finally finding that one product that I know I will be using every last little molecule of it.
This product is my new the house is burning down and apart from all the family photos etc this is my one beauty allowance I can take.
I always carry it in my handbag as my emergency beauty touch up. This product is a cheek and lip stain but I feel it goes much further than that.
I love applying it to my cheeks, at first the colour can seem quite strong. So to use I just lightly dab my finger onto it and rub into not just the apples of my cheeks but slightly further up along the tops of my cheek bones and then I get some more colour just for the apples of my cheeks to build on the colour for a fresh "flushed" look. I remember something I was told a million years ago about blush that it should look like you have "just gone out for a light jog". 
This is why it is great for a pick me up and also if I am just popping down to the shops on the weekends and don't want to wear heavy makeup, I'll pop some of this one and some mascara and I am good to go.
As a lipstain, again it lasts well and gives you a natural "just bitten" look on your lips. On your lips it is very moisturising as well so it is all you need.

I think we all need these really easy to use products that you can just grab on the run and your good to go, I mean who has time to do a full face of makeup sometimes??

You can find Ere Perez Makeup: by the map on their website which you can view here, or you can buy online.

What's your one product you would grab from your burning house?

miss chew


Please Note: This product was given to me to trial


  1. For me it's eye brow pencil!! I can live with minimalist eyes, but I can't live without non-existent brows!

  2. I must admit I am becoming the same with my eyebrow pencil now that I have been introduced to it. Bold brows and flushed cheeks and I am done!


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