Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Short & Sweet- How to disguise growing out brows...

I have booked myself in to go and see Lien Davies from Brows and Makeup in a couple of weeks so I am trying not to touch my brows in the meantime. I am really trying to give her something to work with when I see her. I also need some massive shaping done!
Now I have dark brows so instead of looking like a hairy animal I have been employing this sneaky trick to disguise my brows growing out, which you can do too!

So here is the before-I know my eyebrows are terrible...(The things I share in the name of Blogging)
Here is the after...(Sorry it is a little fuzzy, don't know why I couldn't get a good close up)
What I have done: Is taken a white/ silver or even gold coloured eye shadow, and applied it under the brow line. This not only highlights and accentuates the arch but it covers up any unsightly stray brows.

I love that it illuminates my face as well I find it frames my face well too.

It is good to use a mixture of colours to find a good shade, I find making it the lightest right under the brow and then blending it out wards.

miss chew


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