Friday, November 5, 2010

What you need for Christmas is a Clarisonic PRO!

Recently I was lucky enough to be given a Clarisonic PRO to try which I was really excited to do as I had heard so many amazing reviews about it and was keen to see if I shared a similar opinion. From Dermatologists to skin therapists these guys are not only using it in their clinics but they are also recommending it to their clients for at home use.

The Clarisonic PRO comes with a body brush and cleansers as well as the normal/sensitive  brush head, everything you need to get you started.

So when I received the Clarisonic PRO the first thing I noticed when I read the instructions was that before you are allowed to play with it you must first charge it for 24hours... boo! I hate that when you have a new toy you want to play with and you are not allowed to.
Moving along... Once charged it honestly couldn't be easier.

How best to describe it? Well it's like a large vibrating tooth brush which cleans your skin more effectively then ever before.
All you need to do is wet your face with warm water and apply a preferably gel cleanser to your face just lightly over to coat it all. Then you wash your Clarisonic under warm water and turn it on. Straight away it will start vibrating away and you hold it to your forehead to begin. 

It has 4 speed settings to cater to your needs.

Tips to remember: When you applying the brush to your face you use small circular motions.

After each section is completed and the time is up it will beep and stop briefly.

Another awesome fact about the Clarisonic is that it is timed so that you spend the exact right time on each part of your face, as follows:

1. First you apply it to your forehead for 20 seconds.
2. Second you apply it to your nose and around your mouth and chin for 20 seconds.
3. Third you apply it to one cheek all over and I also do under my jaw along the side as I find I often get problems around there for 10 seconds.
4. Forth apply to the other cheek for 10 seconds and before you know it you will be done.

Why I love it!
-It is waterproof so I am loving using it in the shower, anything that cuts down the time I take to get ready, especially in the morning is a winner for me.
-It claims to remove 6 x the amount of makeup that you would ordinarily remove and you know what, I believe it!
-When I used a makeup remover wipe and then used the Clarisonic PRO at the end the brush was really dirty which literally made me sit back in awe at the level of crap that must remain on my face at the end of each day.
-Because your skin in so clean it means that products that you use will be absorbed that much more effectively into your skin.
-You can also buy a body brush which is larger to cover a larger area which would be great as prepartion for fake tan as it would really effectively remove dead skin cells.

They recommend you remove any eye makeup first before you use the Clarisonic.

The price can be a bit off putting as it has a RRP of $389 but for me I have found it has completely revolutionised the way I clean my skin. No longer does rubbing a cleanser into my skin feel like it is doing enough.

There are also the Clarisonic range of Cleansers (see below) that cater to your need.

I really like the Blue one which is for oily and congested skin and has a gel consistency which as I said before is perfect for Clarisonic.
The battery will last ages (approx 2 weeks) and honestly I think this is an investment into your skin.

You can buy it (the PRO): through skin care professionals. 

Price: RRP of $389

The Clarisonic Classic (which has 2 speed settings $329) and Clarisonic Plus (which has 3 speed settings $339) are available through David Jone's and Myer.

To find out more information: see the Clarisonic website here.

When in doubt ask Santa, parents, partner for Christmas!

miss chew


Note: This product was given to me to trial


  1. I am so happy to hear you love your new Clarisonic and it lived up to your expectations. Thanks for the wonderful review- we appreciate it!

  2. Ohh I REALLY want to try one of these! I love clean clean feeling skin, and always get told off for overscrubbing so I think this would be great for me! x

  3. I'm with Holly... I love to scrub. I know it's naughty to over do it with exfoliators and what not, but a simple cleansing cream never makes me feel properly clean. I would LOVE to get my mitts on the Clarisonic. Great review! X

  4. I too desperately want one of these, and even more after reading your reviews. Will have to beg someone for chrissie! x

  5. Hopefully I WILL be getting one of these for Christmas!! SQUEEEEE!!! I can't wait. I'm hoping it's as good as you say and more!!

  6. Lucky duck!! They really are as good as everyone says! I am completely obsessed with mine! x


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