Monday, November 15, 2010

The truth about healing your nails after having acrylics...

So I this year I had fake acrylic nails for about 7 months and one decided I couldn't be bothered anymore and wanted to be able to chop and change my nails as often as I like.
Now I am going through all the dramas of growing them out and I wanted to share with you a few things about what is like to grow out your nails and some tips and tricks for you to remember.
See the picture to the left to see the actual condition that my nails are in whilst growing out. I know it's not pretty but if you look close enough you can see I am about half way.
  1. Whilst growing your nails out, keep them short, I mean non-existent nails short! I learnt this the hard way as your nails are so weak and thin right now and will break and break a lot of the nail off which means you are left with not only a painful nail but one that looks even worse. Every time I go to paint my nails I trim them.
  2. Everytime I paint my nails I use a hardener nail polish as my base coat to help strengthen my nails.
  3. This is just a waiting game, eventually your nails will totally grow out and then you can start a fresh with nice strong nails again, but it just takes time. I just make sure I keep my nails painted to cover up the fact that they are a bit flakey and that's it!
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