Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Leaving your brows in the hands of the professionals...

My Brow-inspiration Camilla Belle

Camilla Belle is my absolute brow one with dark bold brows naturally (which I thank my lucky stars that I was blessed genetically) and with generally what I considered to be good shape of my brows, I never really thought grooming my brows was something I needed to worry about, I was wrong...
Meet Lien Davies, brow expert who I had met through work and who has taught me just how amazing my brows can actually be.
To book in to see Lien from Brows and Makeup in Bronte you need a months notice, yes she is that good and in that much demand.
When my appointment was penciled in I made a mental challenge in the spirit of being a good little blogger to leave my brows alone for the full month to really give Lien something to work with and to really see the difference. Luckily I was able to wear my hair down over my brows so you couldn't really notice and it was hard, let me tell you!

Here is my brows before, (don't judge me):
When you see Lien she doesn't use wax which I am a big fan of as my skin is sensitive. She works her magic by trimming, plucking, shaping and taming your brows into new amazingly symmetrical shape.
The main point that I learnt was that the arch on both brows was off with the left one being off by over a centimeter (whoops) and they were almost two centimeters too long on the ends, so much for me thinking I understood how to shape my brows.
What I also learnt is that the hairs were too thin under the arch so this is the area where she didn't really touch as this is the area I need to grow them. She explained that it will take time but she will be able to assist in helping them to grow by the way they are shaped.

Here is the after:

The AFTER I swear I look like a different person!
As you can see there is a MASSIVE difference! I couldn't be happier!!
As you see they are trimmed, plucked and are looking fantastic. By trimming your brows you actually make them thicker. She also taught me all about using a brow pencil which I will talk about more soon.

I will now continue to see Lien once every 6 weeks.

I will maintain them by plucking any strays and the area which I am growing out I will leave. By keeping her rule of using a eyebrow pencil to line it up next to your nostril and then to your outer brow edge and any hairs outside of that can be plucked and then taking the same pencil from the outer nostril to the inner brow line and any hairs that fall in between the brows from that line can go. I hope that makes sense.

Having well groomed brows not only frames your face but can change your whole complexion, beautiful polished brows are hot right now and whether you see a brow expert one or regularly it is educational to at least learn what is the right shape to be able to guide you with your own maintenance.

To find out more information you can visit Lien's website at

I highly recommend you give it a shot and leave something as important as your brows in the hands of the professionals!

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  1. Lien is amazing isn't she? I flew to Sydney just for her on Friday. Missing her already! x


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