Thursday, November 4, 2010

Scunci gets a makeover with a new range of hair accessories!

Scunci has had a HUGE makeover with a new range of hair ties, hair bands and clips to cater to your every need. I am going through a growing out fringe phase and so I have been employing anything I can get my hands on to help me through.

What I loved in particular about their range is their non-slip hair ties.
I go through hair ties like they are going out of fashion and these babies they really strong with no metal clips to pull out your hair. When I put my hair up in a pony tail or top knot it holds in place all day. They don't break and when you look closely you can see the grip which works wonders.

Seriously for girls with long hair, look to getting these the next time you are in the supermarket/Priceline/chemist!

To achieve this ponytail look I gathered my hair from the sides to put it up into a pony rather then pulling the hair from the top which can make your hair flat and kept the growing out fringe out to frame my face. Once in a pony tail I pulled some of the hair from the top just out of the pony tail to give me some height (to achieve even more height you can actually tease this section prior to popping up in a ponytail) then lightly spray over with hairspray to hold.

Here are the scunci's below in their pack.
Next on my list to try is their range of headbands the one pictured below is tortishell and blends with my hair really well.What is great about these headbands and I wish I had taken a photo of, is at each end of the hair bands is a rubber section which grips into your hair and also won't hurt your head after wearing it all day- this is a problem I sometimes face where I get really bad headaches after a few hours. Not with these babies!
The one pictured below is perfect for when you want a more polished look.

See the black 2 toned headband shiny/matt

Close up of the 2 Tones
They also have thick headbands made of fabric which are perfect for when you are cleansing your face or applying makeup.

The last on my list was their bobby pins which have a different take on the traditional bobby pins which you can see they have little grips on there which make sure they hold your hair in place all day. They also come in a variety of colours to match your hair colour too.
It was really hard to capture but you can just see the little grips
The products range in price but are all really affordable.

Next time you are looking for solutions to your hair issues, you should definitley give these a try.

To find out more you can view the full range here.
miss chew


Note: These products where given to me to trial.

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