Tuesday, November 2, 2010

LUSH- Dream Cream, dream by name and dream by nature!

This is by far my favourite beauty product from Lush, you know why I know I can say this? Well I have bought about 5 or so tubs of it that's why.
The cream I am talking about is "Dream Cream"-$28.95. 
This little beauty is absolutely ah-maz-ing! The smell is divine, and you know why that's because they crammed rose, olive oil, cocoa butter, Chamomile, tea tree and lavender... yummmm...It smells refreshing, herbal and natural.

If I could eat it I would, but instead I prefer to use it to moisturise my body and to give massages! ;-)
It is actually perfect for massages, jokes aside, because of all its essential oils, unlike most moisturisers this just keeps rubbing into your skin without drying out and needing to apply more. It's the perfect line between a body oil and a moisturiser.

It makes my skin feel amazing afterwards. I wouldn't use this on my face as it is very thick but as a massaging cream its divine.

Why you need it? For the next time your boyfriend decided he wants to give you a massage (haha) or the next time you can bribe him into it!

For more information: You can view the Lush website or shops, nationally.

miss chew


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