Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ruby Rose unveils her new look at the ARIA's...

I don't know if you guys tuned into the ARIA's but the one look that caught my attention more than any other was Ruby Rose's new!
I have been a fan of Miss Rose's for a long time as I met her once last year and was blown away by how beautiful she is in person. She is such a chameleon and each drastic look she done she has pulled off which such grace and sex appeal it's always amazing to see what she will think of next.
This new look I think is almost a new favourite. She was channelling Joan Jett which she was stylising this look but instead of thinking rock punk I think of something that is much more feminine and softer for her.
The eyeshadow playing matchy matchy with the dress is beautiful as well.
I absolutely love purple and I love that Ruby has gone a slightly different route and played the purple heavily under the eye.
She has also lined the lower eyelid with a black liner as well which accentuates the purple and giving the eye a purple smokey look. She has also gone for a pink blush and a ]light pink lip which helps to soften the look of the dramatic eye. This is one of those rules that you need to stick with, that you either go for a statement eye or a statement lip and not 2 at once.
Even though the hair is Joan Jett I think its a beautiful change and something I hope she continues with.

miss chew


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