Monday, November 22, 2010

Rejuvenating Facial- I mean, died-and-gone-to-heaven facial...

Let me take you on a sensory journey... It's with these words that my rejuvenating facial at Rejuvenate Salon + Spa in St Leonards began...
When I first entered this unsuspecting day spa I was whisked away from the busy main street to another world.
I was first asked to fill in your basic survey to find out exactly what your skin concerns are and to work out what earth sign you are (I'm water I think which is contributed to my skin which can be congested at times) and then you are taken to a change room to get ready.
The change room itself is beautiful and each guest is allocated a locker which if you see in my picture above is well equipped with a fluffy bath robe, slippers, hair wrap, and once you are all dressed you are asked back out to the front room where there is a bowl of hot soapy water for your feet to soak in whilst the sensory journey really begins.
You are asked to close your eyes and take in 3 different scents and asked which is your favourite. The one I ended up choosing was Rose this will form the basis of the scents in your treatments.
Once your feet are dried you are taken into a treatment room where the walls are painted beautifully dark and feels warm and relaxing. I laid down on the heated bed (yes heated) and the facial begins. This treatment isn't about everyone receiving the same type of treatment it's about your therapist really working out what your skin needs and any problems you may have and catering a treatment specifically to your skin.
After my skin was thoroughly cleansed and a mask was applied to my skin, a steamer was placed over my face to open up my pours and really let that mask work deep into my skin.
What I loved about this facial as there was so many different masks, scrubs, hot towels, massages, I was trying to keep a mental list of every treatment but it was really hard as there was to many to count.
She also had a good look at my skin under a bright light and performed some extractions which I was in desperate need of as I had a few pesky blocked pours which even undergoing the most stringent beauty regime this can still happen especially with my congestion prone skin.

I took a before and after pic as well so you could see how much my skin was glowing after this facial.

Before- All dressed in fluffy bath robe and ready to go!
 And then the after...

The "After" can everyone say GLOW-ING!
I really think everyone can benefit from having a facial at least once a month, it's like getting a tune up for your skin and your therapist will be able to assess your skin and recommend products that will actually treat your skin as they are trained to know about the ingredients in the skin care and will know what will work for you.

This spa uses Aveda products that are all natural and I will blog about my new favourite product soon.

You can find out more about this spa from visiting their website

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  1. Can't wait to hear about the Aveda prods, I have been wanting to buy some skin care ones (i love their hair care prods already) but I am not sure which ones are truly great. i will definitely be hanging out for your opinion! x


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