Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why Cherry Lips are on Trend Right NOW!

Thanks to the lovely Helen from Sassy Bella I was lucky enough to win a nice little packet of goodies.
The first thing that grabbed my attention was this beautiful cherry red lipstick from Rimmel. This beautiful little gem is called Alarm- $9.95 from their Lasting Finish Lipstick range. Now I don't know where you have been hiding if you haven't noticed how hot cherry red lipstick is right now, I know that being the lover of bright lipstick that I am this colour totally appeals to me.
When I used this lippie I noticed it smells really sweet and is a joy to apply.
The colour is so beautiful and rich and the most important thing is that it is really long lasting! To me this is a massive difference.
Case in point is the ever beautiful Rashida Jones.
Keeping all other makeup basic and just going for one stand out feature will always be a winner in my books.
Here is how it looks on me...

And for the close up...
Red, red, red, is hot, hot, hot!!!

You can find this lipstick: At all leading department stores and Priceline.


miss chew


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  1. This colour looks absolutely gorgeous on you! You're lucky that you can carry bold shades so well.


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