Friday, February 18, 2011

The 5 most popular items from miss chew!

Happy Friday everyone! I thought I would do something a little fun today. I use Google Analytics on my blog and I have been noticing trends of items which really prick your attention so I thought I would share.
The first of which was Antipodes, this amazing brand delivers fantastic results to view my past blogs on Antipodes you can go view here and here.
The next very popular post was my post about the new Benefit Full Finish Lipstick in Pillow Talk, still the most hydrating lipstick I have used and I still use it all the time.

Next on my list of popular items is the amazing Omnilux treatment facial, have you had yours yet? Whoever would have thought light on your face would be so amazing for you. With my skin being rather congested at the moment I know a good series of treatments with the blue light would do wonders for me right now.

Fourth on my list is the unlikely candidate of Maybelline 24 hour Foundation which I found as a beautiful formular which really lasts well in the day. If you are after a foundation which can be bought at Priceline or your local supermarket or chemist then this is a great option.
Lastly on my most popular searched items is the wonderful Clarisonic, my goodness if you haven't got one yet then save your pennies as it is well worth it and really keeps my skin in check. It also makes me cleanse my skin for the recommended 2 minutes. I know that when I manual cleanse like manually brush my teeth I can be terrible at keeping to the time that you should to maximise the clean, this way you never need to worry about it.

Have you used any of these products? These are all favourites of mine. I love looking at my stats and finding out just what you, my lovely readers think and what tickles your fancy. Thank you for all your support guys, it really means a lot to me.

So what are your favourite products?

miss chew


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  1. LOVE IT! I always have trouble finding a good foundation that stays all day- will def give Super Stay a go! Keep up the awesome work babe!


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