Friday, December 17, 2010

A light, easily absorbed SPF face cream!

I recently posted about Antipodes beautiful rejoice day moisturiser which I have been using pretty much every day (you can view that post here) but now with this weather really heating up and the sun shining so strong I have been switching it up with this one. The Antipodes Immortal Performance Plus with SPF 15- $49. Like other Antipodes products I have used, you only need the tiniest amount as it goes really far, this in my mind helps to justify the price.
It has SPF 15 which is the perfect amount in a moisturiser. Did you know that anymore then 15 and it is pretty much all sunscreen and not much of anything else, what fun is that?
What I really love is it is completely non greasy. In fact once I apply it to my skin I feel like I have to work quickly to rub it all over my face otherwise it will just completely dissolve into my skin!
It contains anti-ageing ingredients like raspberry oil, vivanza grape, ever since I discovered the magics of grapeseed oil, anything involving grapes on me, I am completely sold!
This cream smells amazing and it is a absolute pleasure to put it on of a morning. It provides great coverage and I haven't been burnt yet!

When I put it on in the morning I find I can put my foundation on after and it stays on well and doesn't slide off. Sometimes when I try moisturise then I put my foundation on, it's just too much and I feel like my skin is just drowning in creams, but it isn't the case with this one.

You can find Antipodes: In David Jones or online

miss chew


Please Note: This product was given to me to trial 

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