Thursday, December 2, 2010

Eva Longoria- The girls knows how to illuminate

I gotta say it but man oh man does Eva Longoria know how to illuminate her skin or what?
You know what I love about this picture is not only does her skin look ah-ma-zing but this picture demonstrates how you at home can re-create this look for yourself. 
If you are having trouble noting where she has applied the highlighting prod I have made it even easier for you with arrows!

 You can see from the arrows that she has placed it:
-On top of her cheek bones
-On her brow bone
-In the inner corner of her eye
-Gently lining under her eye 
-Just above her brow bone

When I aim to recreate this look there are a few products I can and do use. 
One sneaky way is with a pearl coloured eyeshadow, this is an old trick I have been using for ages and right now I have a NARS eyeshadow kit with just the perfect colour. 

My fave new product is Arbonne's Sheer Glow Highlighter $55 which has a pearl sheen to it which illuminates the skin beautifully.

To apply: Once I have finished with my primer and also my foundation I then apply the highlighter to the areas shown above and gradually build on it rather then just adding a big dollop!

Then I apply my bronzer and blush.

Note: I generally will illuminate more at night then I would during the day too. I find in the day it can make me look a bit too shiny but I do love just putting it on my brow bone.

You can find Arbonne: online at or you can locate a consultant here.

Have fun!

miss chew



  1. My fave highlight these days is Dior Amber Diamond <3

  2. Eva looks amazing! That is perfect illumination to a tee!! Wonder if she will do the whole "post break-up hair chop"?? I reckon she will go a "lob" like her bestie Posh.

  3. I love this picture as the lighting was perfect to be able to capture it. She would suit the lob too, so you may be right!
    miss chew

  4. Oh, nice. I love getting my glow on and I'm just about out of Benefit's High Beam - I might track down that Arbonne illuminator and take it for a spin.

  5. You can find it on my website and sign my guest book for FREE samples! Or, check out my FB page at

    I'd love to help you find the perfect GLOW for Valentine's Day or anytime of the year! :D

  6. I am completely in love with illuminators! I love the picture you got of Eva Longoria - it caught the illuminating pigments beautifully!


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