Friday, December 10, 2010

TGIF- What are you up to this weekend?

This weekend is very special to me and I have been looking forward to it for a long time. Why you ask?
Well tonight I am going with my boyfriend to see Muse our favourite band. The last time I saw them was at Big Day Out this year and when we heard one particular song we decided to make that "our song" as it described our feeling that we felt for each other. 
Tonight we will be seeing this band again and we will hear "our song" the night before our one year anniversary!!
Our anniversary is tomorrow and my boyfriend who has never surprised me with anything has planned the whole thing and I couldn't be more excited!!
The weather sounds like it will be nice and sunny so it should be an amazing day!
This has honestly been the best year of my life with him and I love him so much!
Ok I will stop with the corny...

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

miss chew


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