Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My favourite Pimple Busters!!

I know we all at some point have a dreaded pimple or two... I know it is something I have struggled with so often throughout my life so I wanted to share with you what I am using to not only keep them under control but also kill them where they stand!

Garnier Clean Detox Express Cleansing Wipes $7.95. First of all especially this time of year it is imperetive that you take your makeup off every night other wise you are just begging for blocked pores and therefore pimples. My solution for when you are tired are these makeup wipes. I have been using Garnier for years and this time of year these are the best at cleaning your skin of all impurities. It has green tea and mint for a refreshing feeling which, trust me is perfect when you get home from being out all night and are desperate for some sleep.

Next on my list is Garnier Pure Active Pimple Relief Cooling Roll-On  $12.55. I carry this little baby in my handbag if I am having a rough week or if it's that time of the month. Not only does this little baby help to dry pimples faster than you can see Christmas party! It has a slight cooling sensation on your skin which is refreshing if you have a painful pimple. I will just keep using this baby all day, really the more the merrier and I notice my pimples heal so much faster and are much calmer.

Next on my list is what my beauty therapist called the Pimple killer is the Environ Alpha Toner Forte $55. This baby is not like a "toner" because to me a toner implies that it is applied all over your face. No, this baby is applied after your have cleansed your skin, I usually apply it in the morning and in the palm of my hand I apply 3 drops and I simply dab it on to the areas where I have pimples. It does sting a little if the area has broken skin but it works so effectively. I actually think this one product is when keeps my pimples at bay, seriously!

Up next is a product I blogged about only recently, Aveda Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant $54.95. This is a chemical liquid exfoliant which you use at nighttime and works to dissolve the impruities on your skin.

Lastly I use a weekly exfoliator which also doubles as a masque. I prefer Clinique Turnaround Instant Facial $68. It aims to do the same as microdermabrasion, with significantly less irritation and stress to skin. I apply it like a masque and once it has been on my skin for minimum 5 minutes, I gently rub it off in circular motions gently exfolitating my skin. This aims to not only remove dead skin cells but also encourages regular cell turnover, this translates to beautiful, glowing skin!
So that's my list of products I recommend. I hope you have found this helpful and after this extra long post I will be resuming normal posting.

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  1. Oh thank you so much for this Miss Chew! I am definitely going to pick up a couple of those prods, I always have a pimple or two! x


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