Monday, December 20, 2010

Need a new Perfume? Read this First!

I recently bought one of the deals on Our Deal which means I get a full price perfume for less than half price. What this also means is I need to pick a perfume. I had always been a girl who thought that having one perfume was enough. This changed recently when I visited my gorgeous friend Yasmin who absolutely loves her perfumes and definitley knows a things or two when it comes to what is available. She introduced me to so many amazing new scents that I never even knew were possible so I thought she was the perfect person to ask on what perfumes to try and to look out for when I am making my selection. Here I am able to provide you lucky readers with what she had to say. I actually printed this and will be taking it with me :)

Some hot and yummy perfumes right now are Mark Jacobs Daisy and Lola... they both made it into the top 5 sellers this year and they both have gorgeous bottles.
Balenciaga is gorgeous and violetty as is the new Love Chloe. I'm a fan of most Gucci fragrances though not that keen on their latest, "Guilty"

I love nearly all the Christian Dior fragrances... they are classics and their scents always seems to last a long time. J'adore and Dolce Vita are faves of mine.

If you want to go a classic like Chanel No.5 buy the Eau Premier version... they changed the formula to No.5 about 20 years ago and its a bit gacky now but No.5 Eau Premier is softer and more like the original fragrance that Marilyn Monroe used to wear.

Just remember when shopping for a fragrance to try it on your skin first... Sales assistants often try to give it to you on a piece of cardboard which is useless cause perfume reacts uniquely with every wearer.

Also if you want value for money go for an eau de parfum instead of an eau de Toilette. it has nearly twice as much actual perfume in it and so will smell stronger, last longer and have a more complex dry down.

Last tip: avoid the celebrity endorsed fragrances... apart from a few exceptions (Gwen Stefani LAMB being one) they tend to be uninspired crap with more thought gone into the marketing than the actual fragrance. Try to stick to the classic perfume or design houses or the more artisan collections.

I hope this helps you, I know it has massively helped me!
I will keep you updated with what I purchase.

What are your favourite perfumes at the moment?

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  1. I got that 'our deal' too! How exciting! Seems like such a good deal. We can redeem it from tomorrow!! Whoo hoo!!

    I am most probably going to spend it on Miss Dior Cherie... the price of that generally doesn't change and the other perfumes I am interested in are sold at other places and usually way cheaper than at Perfume connection. And they are celebrity ones... hehe hahah / how embarrassing! hahaha. Nah, I don't care, I am not ashamed to say I love Britney Spears' FANTASY! LOL.

  2. Totally agree RE: avoiding the celeb perfumes - I find they're a lot weaker too and wear off much faster.


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