Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Benefit Full Finish Lipstick- Pillow Talk

I do love my bright lipsticks, like bright nail polish I have really embraced bright coloured makeup 2011 and this Benefit Full Finish Lipstick and Pillow Talk-$36 was my favourite, you naughty minx you! She is no exception. Out of a new range of 9 new lipsticks comes this soft, smooth, hydrating lipstick in the most adorable colours.
Not only do I love to wear it but it makes my lips so soft which last really well throughout the day.
The colour is nice and strong and Pillow Talk really is the most beautiful pink.

Pillow Talk, Shy and Saucy

It is so hard to see this colour properly, it is much brighter in real life
I love Benefit prodocts they are really designed with a women's body in mind and women need lipsticks which don't dry our lips out and that provide colour which adds warmth to our faces and with beautiful, sexy packaging...

You can find: Benefit products in Benefit Counters, selected Myer and online from stores like

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  1. LOVE that colour on you Miss Chew! I'd personally love to get my hands on Saucy - a perfect summer colour! X


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