Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ponytails- getting you from party to party in the silly season!

I woke up this morning and was so tired from these late nights, I didn't have the time, or energy to wash and blow dry my hair.  So I did what I normally do in this circumstance which is spray my roots (not directly on the roots) with Batiste Dry Shampoo for Brunette hair and gave my roots a quick blow dry. Not only does this soak up any oil in your hair but it also gives my hair volume to create a hairstyle similar to good old Jennifer Anniston here. 

I prefer to keep a few bits loose at the front and once it is all pulled back into a pony I gently pull out some of the bits up the top to give my hair some extra volume. 

See some more pics for some pony tail inspiration...

Note how there are a few subtle differences...

They also make beautiful chandelier earrings look amazing...

miss chew


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  1. What I can say is you are really really professional. Love your blog with all my heart.


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