Monday, December 13, 2010

Hydrating your hair, giving it that extra boost!

Now that I have a new hair do I have blonde in my hair, this means in a way I have caused some damage to my hair. My hair is drier and gets really knotty when wet.
I am trying to repair it and get it back to my silky shiny normal hair.
To do this not only am I using shampoos and conditioners specifically for colour treated hair but I am also using this leave in treatment. 
It contains: 
• Arnica- rich in vitamins A-D
• Chamomile- a natural emollient
• Yarrow- to soothe and condition
• Nettle- nourishing to the scalp
• Fennel- for smoothing and softening
• Sage- refreshing properties
• Hops- a skin and hair softener
(thanks to adore beauty, sorry it's Monday morning and I am still buggered from the weekend)

This little baby makes my hair so incredibly soft and silky, it really does and it well worth it. 

To use it, you only need about a 10 cent piece (I have really long hair) and I work it in to towel dried hair and then style as normal. I try not to get it too close to my scalp or it can make my hair a bit oily. 

You can buy Terax from or from David Jones. 

Cost: $29.95.

miss chew


Please note: This product was given to me to trial 

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