Monday, February 28, 2011

My Birthday Looks and I created them!

I have been lucky enough this year to have multiple birthday celebrations and this has meant many fun looks to play around with! I thought I would share my Birthday journey and what products I use a long the way.
My man and I- au natural

When we went away the weekend of my birthday we went out to a restaurant called Rock Lobster, seriously if you ever go to Nelson Bay you gotta try it! So I got all dressed up for our night out. 

Me on my birthday night
I really made a point to illuminate my skin to refresh your memory on exactly where to illuminate you should check out my popular blog post here. I kept my lips uncoloured as I was in for a big night of eating as you can see from below...
I am a happy, happy woman here!
 To create this look I lined my eyes with my old faithful liquid eyeliner I have had for so long the Rimmel Professional Liquid Eyeliner-$11.95. This always delivers a great, strong line which I can make really thin if I need to or thicker for a more dramatic look.
 When I need a thicker foundation I have been using a cheapie one for ages actually and I will actually invest in a nicer one soon but right now I am using another Rimmel LONDON product which is their Rimmel LONDON Lasting Finish 16 hour Mineral-Enriched Foundation-$17.95. Quite a mouthful I know but it is nice and thick and really lasts.
 This foundation really does last well so paired with a good primer I can party all night and still look great. Back to what I was saying...

For my actual Birthday Party the week after I wanted to go all out Glam. Here is the end result...
To achieve this look as I was not quite as tanned as I had hoped I sprayed on Model Co Bronze Airbrush Sun- $28 which is my go-to quick tan. It is just a bronze rather than a lasting tan and it also has a shimmer. I use this only for my face/arms/chest and it gives me a nice glow and develops within 20mins.

 For my legs I sprayed on some Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs-$24.95. If you haven't tried this kind of product before, gosh its divine its practically foundation for your legs, yes it tans you but it also covers imperfections. The other point and I know this is something I don't know if people talk about is that when you shave your legs you cannot tan straight away, if you do the tan seeps into the fresh holes in your skin and god it is not pretty! This product will not do that... so with nice smooth legs I applied this tan to make my legs nice and bronzed.

 Next is onto my skin, I filled in my brows and made sure they were perfectly groomed and contoured my cheeks with my bronzer and applied blush to the apples of my cheeks. As I was wearing Gold jewellery I went for a gold eyeshadow. See close up here...

 Using my liquid eyeliner again with a gold NARS eyeshadow to coat my eyes which I blended up to the crease in my eyelids. Then I applied creamy silvery eyeshadown just under my arch to acentuate the arch of my brows.

To get my hair curled like that I used my favourite hair curling tool the Remington Tribal Tong-$53.95. I don't know about you guys but me, like many others other out there are just hopeless when it comes to curling my hair with my GHD. That is where this baby comes in. Not only is it so cheap, but it heaps up so fast and it is so easy. 

All you do is pop on the glove they give you and with the opposite (ungloved hand) you hold the tong upside down so the cone is thickest at the top. You just wind a section of hair down the conical and hold for 10 seconds and then lift the curler out. Then repeat, just a tip though, for god's sake do not forget to change the glove over when you change sides... I made that mistake and ow... Let me tell you that it's hot! You can also adjust the temperature if you have thicker hair or finer hair. My hair for example only needs 180 degrees. 

Once I had my hair curled I gently seperated the curls for a more "brushed out look" rather than a "tight" curl look. I kept my hair with a centre part as well. I then sprayed my hair with a light hold hairspray and then I was ready to go! Seriously you guys gotta get one of these!!

So that is just about it guys, I hope you got a lot out of this! I had an absolutely wonderful birthday and I wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes!

Let me know if there are any other products you would like me to mention as this was a workout in itself! But God I feel good after it! :) 

miss chew



  1. This is probably going to sound really strange but I love your eyebrows, they're ace=)


  2. Thanks so much Emma! That is so sweet of you! I do put a lot of time, effort (and money) into them. It is so important as they really frame your face.
    mc xx

  3. LOVE these looks! You look great babe! Your hair is amazing!


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