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NYFW Key Looks and How to get them!

New York Fashion Week (or NYFW as us beauty fanatics call it) is like seeing into the future in the world of beauty and fashion trends for Autumn/ Winter in a years time. I'm not here to talk about the fashion otherwise I could be here all week. Being a beauty blog ya know what I'm all about. It is to these looks that we know what colour nails we will be wanting to wear (think about how big light blue nails became) or what looks we are going for with makeup, like the peach trend right now, this is where all the mags get their inspiration from as do I.

There are 2 shows I want to talk about in particular both extremely different from each other and I have the inside scoop how you can recreate theses hair looks.

The First look came from DKNY and is all about Perect Imperfection, isn't she gorgeous. It is also a huge tip that the 60'w-70's are going to be huge... umm again...

There are so many things I love about this look. Before I even get to the gorgeous hair. First of which is the glorious, clear and natural skin. The other thing is that you can actually see her skin. I hate when the whole face is covered in such a thick layer of makeup, it isn't good for your skin. Her eyes are just simply lined with a black eyeliner. She has a light pink blush and a musk pink lip colour on her lips.

The look like so many are inspired by the 70's. Eugene Souleiman,Global Creative Director for Wella Professionals explains;

“I wanted to create a look that started off with the perfect blow dry but then evolved to a more thoughtful, contemporary finish.  I was inspired by the classic ‘Rock Star’s Girlfriend’ look of the late ‘60s, a look that is still much coveted today, as it is the perfect combination of sexiness and class.  For me, it’s all about creating the perfect look and then bringing in imperfection, in this look we’ve done that by adding texture for a raw, sexy, ‘lived in’ look”.

Wanna create this look yourself? 

You need to start by creating a perfect blow dry using a big round brush. Create a side part and section off hair around the crown of the head. Divide the crown section into two and wind each section round a large Velcro roller and clip in place; this will give direction and create a little volume.  Leave the Velcro rollers in for at least 15 minutes.  To finish the style, remove the rollers and spray Wella Professionals High Hair Ocean Spritz Beach Texture Spray into the hair, blast the hair with a blow dryer to dry the spray, and then massage the crown of the head with your fingers to create texture and fly aways.

The second look comes from Jeremy Scott and is all about colour and being out there. Now I know this may seem wild but bear with me, there is a lot we can learn.

Firstly again the models skin actually comes through, complete with those adorable freckles.  The lips have been similar to the above DKNY look of the musk lips, that is a winner there. The next thing I really notice from this look (apart from the obvious bright makeup and hair) is the inner eye is lined with white pencil, this really brightens up the eye and is a sneaky trick to make you look more awake. Now I know the eyes are crazy bold with colour which for, well lets not kid ourselves, for most people it isn't wearable. When you look at these runway looks sometimes it isn't about copying the exact look but taking elements from this look and figuring out who you can work it. 

For example from this look I got:

-Musk lips are a hot
-Lining the inner rim of my eye will make me look way away when I have had a few too many the night before
-Experiment with colour, gone are the days of just wearing a nude coloured eyeshadow, have fun with it. 

To recreate the Hair Look Eugene Souleiman,Global Creative Director from Wella Professionals explains:

The hair look for the AW ’11 Jeremy Scott show in New York was typically dramatic and celebrated the brighter side of life.   This playful look was reminiscent of how young girls like to wear their hair; playing with colour and ponytails.   Jeremy Scott always offers a unique, creative and fun approach to fashion and his AW ’11 collection was no exception.   The inspiration behind both the fashion and the hair look was the early ‘90s club scene, when club kids would dress up and create incredible and brilliant fantasy characters for a night out on the town. 

“I wanted the hair look to have a strong, beautiful silhouette, yet at the same time have a fun twist to it.  By adding hair pieces in bright contrasting colours, I was able to keep the look youthful and humorous.  I always love working with Jeremy as his clothes take an illustrative view of life where the world is three dimensional and quirky,  and this is how I treat the hair look – like creating a fun piece of art” says Eugene Souleiman Global Creative Director Wella Professionals.

The final hair look was a fantastic and crazy blend of larger than life characters; the Spice Girls, My Little Pony and Japanese animated characters, which added a refreshing boost of colour, excitement and fantasy to the AW ’11 New York catwalks.

Wanna create this yourself?

Start with clean, beautifully conditioned hair and smooth in Wella Professionals High Hair Sleek Wonder to prepare the hair.  Using a tail comb, mark out an exaggerated zigzag parting hair from the front of the head to the nape of the neck.  Spray on Wella Professionals High Hair Finishing Spray very close to the hair, brush through and blow dry hair into two very high ponytails each side of the head.  Next bind the ponytails at the scalp so that they stand up slightly off the head.  Using Wella Professionals High Hair Flat Iron Spray, straighten both ponytails until smooth then weave in vibrant, rainbow-bright hair extensions to each ponytail.

So next time you look at runway model images, really look at them for the colours and styles that will be influencing your looks in the future to come. 

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