Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jennifer Anniston has cut her hair- yes the bob/ lob is here to stay

There has been countless celebs all joining the lob bandwagon. Long gone and their er... long locks... Jennifer Anniston is the latest celeb to join the club.

I know that the decision to cut of your hair is incredibly personal. It usually stems from a deep need for a change, I know that may sounds obvious but think about it. When you have a bad breakup and you want a change and to move on so often your hair is the first way to go to update your look for the new you and you know, good on you.

The lob seems to be popping up everywhere and shows no sign of slowing down. Personally I did this length hair ages ago and for me having really, really long healthy hair is something I have never had so this is what I am working on. (I am aiming for Kardashian hair... )

Below is the lovely Mss Anniston looking hot to trot in her new look. Her hair also seems a little lighter then usual. She has some light layers around the front of her face.

I think this look makes her look younger and more fresh and it is so much more modern and different, thank god from her traditional look.

If you want to make the change, now is the perfect time as this is seriously the "in" cut.

Watch this space!

miss chew



  1. She looks so good! And Ive never been her biggest fan, I like it.

  2. She looks great, I've always liked her hair!


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