Friday, February 25, 2011

A gradual tanner that actually tans- Sunfx Summer's Secrets Review

I have a confession to make...Me, who ordinarily loves my fake tans has been slacking off lately. I think because of my relocation to the beach it means I have been outdoors a lot more and actually have a slight bronzed natural skin tone. I was recently given a bottle of Sunfx Summer's Secrets which is their gradual tanner. Now I don't know about you guys but I have knows about Sunfx professional spray tans for ages but I didn't know they had a at home version, bring it on. 

I have used many gradual tanners in my time, and I have found them to be really hit and miss. As I have really pale skin with no hint of olive in there (blame the English and Irish in me) it means on my skin a lot of gradual tanners look orange and I feel like the first couple of days there is no change to my skin colour and then BAM I am orange...
With Summer's Secret it was different. It has a white consistency of the cream and is really moisturising. 

When I awoke the next morning I was shocked that I could actually notice the tan is was just gentler and more subtle then a full on tan. The rest is pretty much history, I would apply for 2 days in a row then be right for the rest of the week. If you get a professional spray tan this is the perfect pairing to extend your tan. 

You can find this product: at salons across the country or visit their website for their salon locator

The price of this product: $29.95 and I get a lot of uses out of one bottle.

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Please note this product was offered to me for consideration

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