Thursday, February 17, 2011

Short & Sweet-How to Exfoliate Your Face

I know that like most beauty obsessed chicks out there we will tell you it is so important to exfoliate but do you know how and where?
I learnt through a recent Face Mapping Analysis with Dermalogica that the skin on my cheeks is a lot more sensitive then the rest of my face.
When you are exfoliating your face you need to let the product work its magic rather then rubbing it in so hard with elbow grease! Rubbing so hard will damage the soft layers on your face, I know in the past this is something I have been known to do. The product is designed with its little beads or chemicals to get rid of dead skin cells on the surface of your skin without you needing to go nuts with it.
When you are exfoliating focus your energies on your t-zone and your mouth and chin area.
I ever, ever so gently glide the product over my chest when I am in the shower just to maintain a clear, clean chest.
I try and exfoliate once a week, twice a week if my skin is particularily bad, you just need to have that continual turnover of new skin cells.

I hope this helps.

What exfoliator do you use?

miss chew


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