Sunday, February 6, 2011

The coolest nail polish I have ever seen...

I know this is a big call as I really love my nail polishes. But as soon as I saw pictures of OPI Black Shatter, it was love at first sight. I am talking, head over heels, gooey, love sick puppy eyes love! I first saw this beauty swatched on The Nail File and I knew I had to have it. It hit our shelved Mid January and since then has been selling out like hot cakes, if you haven't gotten it yet then run, and search high and low, possibly on e-bay as it won't be around for much longer. When I used it I applied Orly Luxe which is a cross between silver and gold and once it was dried then applied the Black Shatter. I thought the end result seemed very leopard print and I got so many compliments!! It dries super fast so you need to work quickly. I like to think of it like choc magic that you put on your icecream, comes out liquid and dries so quickly once out of the bottle. What to keep in mind with Black Shatter is that the thicker you apply it the bigger the cracks, I also found you only need one layer so either  make that layer thick on thin, don't go over it. I like the look of the bigger cracks check out my pic below. The cracks begin within seconds of applying it and the whole nail polish dries so quick.
I applied a top coat over it just to seal it all in.

Your best bet to find Black Shatter is at David Jones stores.
Price $19.95.

I will be going through this bottle of nail polish faster than any other!

Hope you are able to get your hands on a bottle!

miss chew


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  1. I'm really loving the look of Shatter, but I've yet to get it (I keep forgetting about it everytime I'm anywhere near DJs!). I might have to put a reminder on my phone or something. Looks great on your nails!


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