Monday, February 7, 2011

A bra with a memory? Get out of town!

People that have met me may have noticed I have rather large kahoonas, they have been that way for all my adult life and have caused me issues, ill fitting clothes, back aches and unfortunatley the laws of gravity have meant my bosoms are starting to head south for Winter and I don't know if they are ever coming back naturally. The search for a comfy bra that could hold my girls well is something I am always on the hunt for.
When I was told about the Lisca Smart Memory Bra-$74.95 I was curious. Memory, what on earth do you mean it has a memory?
When I tried on the bra (see the pic of me to your left, ha! I kid, I kid, but I will get there one day with Weight Watchers help!) I was immediately drawn to the level of comfort. It has these sections at the bottom of the cup which are like little pads, now this is where the magic happens.

The foam that is in the bra was developed by NASA in the 1960's to protect astronauts from the forces of gravity, see where I am going with this? The foam in the bra is memory foam which takes the shape of what it is placed on (like your bosoms) and softens and expands with body temperature which boosts your boobies giving you hot to trot cleavage, as your body temperature rises so will your cleavage, now that's smart!

What is important to keep in mind is it shapes to YOU, no one else but you, giving you the most comfortable bra yet.

The bra is available in Black and Red and in sizes 10-18 A-D cup. I am a 14 D and so many push up bras either look ridiculous on me or just don't fit me properly, this both fits me well and looks great on. The thin straps means I can wear it with a singlet or a tshirt/dress.

You can buy the bra online at
Check out the website to find out why it is selling out like hotcakes!!

I love it and I know you will too.

miss chew


Please Note this product was given to me to trial

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