Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sodashi promotes heat compresses DIY facial- Ah-may-zing!

Sodashi is a brand which to me is a spa brand, which tells me that using these products is like having spa treatments at home, noice! Also that it is a brand which not only is luxurious but is organic and natural, now normally these 2 wouldn't go together, normally luxury means high tech and scientific with chemicals that you will never be able to understand-this is what sets Sodashi apart. I have posted before about their beautiful hand cream which you seriously should try as it is to die for.

The latest product I have been using and loving sick is the Rejuventating Concerntrate- $65.30 AUD. This product is unlike any I have used at home. I think the "at home" part is they key here. What this product is a blend of essential oils which include:
  • Almond oil
  • Lavender
  • Rosewood
  • Geranium- organic
  • Lemon
  • Pure cane spirit
  • soy lecithin
  • Vitamin E
What you get when you combine these oils is a blend which soothes your skin and heals te damage caused by everyday life which leads to ageing.

It smells amazing and to use it; once you have cleansed your face, you half fill a clean sink with hot water and add 10 drops of the oil mixture to the water. Then pop in a clean facewasher and allow it to soak up all the yummy oils and then wring it out and sit back and press it to you face for 10 seconds and then pop it back in the water and repeat for another 10 seconds. When I have it on my face I take nice deep breaths and I am telling you it relaxes the shit out of me, seriously. You only need to do this at night and trust me it will become a favourite night time ritual. 

Apart from being ultra relaxing which it totally is, it helps when you apply your moisturisers and serums whatever they may be to penetrate into your skin so much better then before makng those ingredients in your creams which you pay so much for work harder. Smart huh?

There is a reason they do this to us when we have a facial and then we notice a week later how great our skin is, cause they work. I was told you really need to do this for a couple of weeks to get the full force of how amazing it makes your skin look. I have been using mine for months and at first I was a bit lazy and was doing it every couple of days but now I have been doing every night I really notice the difference. Plus, since I am using a $330 serum I kinda want to get the maximum benefits out of it! It just makes my skin, glow!

I am continually surprised when I find a new "type" of product to fit into my skin care routine that I haven't used before and this is one of them. Not only does the bottle look great and looks great among all my other luxury items but I know I am really helping my skin with it. 

You can find a spa which stocks Sodashi: on their website here.
Or online at

Have you tried a heat compress before?

Would you consider adding this to your skin care routine?

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