Monday, March 14, 2011

Illamasqua Launches New Range Toxic Nature- Part 1

Oh Illamasqua be still my heart, how I love you. I wanted to thank you for pushing the boundaries and providing us with a range unlike any other I have seen on the market for a while now. You not only gives us beautiful colours but also innovative products.

Alex Box, creative director of Illamasqua designed this range after being trapped in Dubai during the Iceland volcanic eruptions which meant she was unable to get home for 3 weeks. Whilst she was stuck there she really got to thinking about these natural disasters that are happening around the world (cyclones, eatherquakes, floods, tsunamis) and thought that it was mother nature fighting back from how we have mistreated the world in the past-from this Alex created the Toxic Nature range.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch along with a group of Sydney Bloggers which I was ridiculously excited for, going by their previous collections I knew I was in for a treat of the eyes and the senses.

We were shown the various looks on beautiful large banners which demonstrate the effects of "Toxic Nature" such as above and below. The below look is my absolute favourite, isn't she divine!!

We then saw this look created on a model and let me tell you it was even more divine in person.

The model getting made up

A little blending never harms

It was so great to be able to see how they create these looks first hand and what I really paid a lot of attention to is how Illamasqua really promote multi use of their products, the MUA was using lipstick as blush and eyeliner over the brows and over the lips, you name it, Illamasqua wants you to make it happen.

We were then introduced to each product in the beautiful range.

The range consisted of:

6 new cream pigments designed from the "corrupted colours" and "poisonous pastels" of a toxic nature. This is a new formula from Illamasqua which is a rich, matte, crease and water resistant and designed to last.

They can be used on any area of the body and applied with either finger or brush. 

The 6 colours are:
  1. Emerge – Peach
  2. Bedaub – Mint
  3. Dab – Lilac
  4. Hollow – Toffee
  5. Delirium – Rose Taupe (The one I have)
  6. Mould – Grape
They have also released 2 new Lipsticks in 2 toxic tones Atomic (fuchsia violet or as I like to think of it as hot, hot pink, this is the one I have) and Flare (bright orange). These lipsticks are for no wall flower (don't cha love my nature reference) they are highly pigmented and really moiturising.

Just look at those gorgeous colours!!
The next products that absolutely wowed me are the amazing ranges of Nail Varnishes. There are 5 in the range all of which really makes me think of toxic waste but in a good way... the names are fantastic... from Bacterium (my favourite) to Radium and Gamma.

Left to Right- Bacterium, Radium, Stagnate and Gamma.

We were treated to a manicure by one of Illamasquas finest. For my nails I chose Bacterium as it was the most unlikely colour I would have chosen as when you look at the bottle it looks well like something with a bacterium swimming around in it.

Such an unusual colour Bacterium
Lara from The Swatch Girl got a manicure as well of Purity and Gamma on the tips which looks fantastic.

 Adeline from Through Beauty Eyes got the last manicure of Radium with Bacterium.

All such different looks which can be created by their amazing range. 

So that is all for this posts as already this has been a mammoth post! 

Tomorrow I shall post the swatches for the eye cream pigment and the lipstick which I was given and further looks and snaps from the launch. 

I hope you are enjoying this feast for the eyes like we all did. 

Stay tuned for more!

miss chew


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