Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Prime your eyes to make your eye makeup last longer!

I was recently given this little one to play with and I haven't looked back, but I digress. The product I am talking about is Stila Prime Pot-$42. I am a good little blogger when I know I am going out all day or night and will be wearing lots of makeup to always prime and I thought, yep my skin is prepared, but what about my eyes? I, stupidly in my ignorance didn’t even realise that I should be priming my eyes, fool.

When I am going out in the night time I really like to play up my eyes, this for me is when the bright colours, shimmer, and dare say glitter come out to play and there is nothing worse than realising as you are dancing the night away that your eye makeup has run down your face and you look like you have been bawling your eyes out, now do we?
This primer feels so light weight on my skin and it is my skin colour. The effect that I find as I apply it all over my eyelid is it evens out skin tone giving me like a clean slate to work with. I often find you can see little pesky veins and different colours on my eyelids and this way I know I am applying colour correctly.

I apply this primer with my ring finger as it warms the product up and it feels so silky. Once dried (I always wait a few minutes between steps) I then build up my eyeshadow. Since I have started using this especially when I apply my new Illamasqua eye pigment it really stays on so much longer than before. I also find my eyeshadow creases less and needs less touching up throughout the day and night.

It’s funny now that I have started using it, I honestly wonder how I got my without it!

You can find Stilla: At Mecca Cosmetica and David Jones and selected retailers. I buy online also from

Do you use a eye primer?

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  1. I just started using the Urban Decay Primer Potion last year and I know exactly what you mean, I have no idea how I did my eyes without it! Will give Stila a try when my UDPP runs out=)


  2. It would be really interesting to see what this smudge pot is like compared to a MAC Paint pot considering the price point is pretty much the same!

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  3. So for $42 is it better than Too Faced Shadow Insurance? That's my all time favourite. UDPP sucks when you have to de-genie bottle it. I know they have a squeezy bottle now though!

  4. Personally for me, this has been my favorite, really easy to use and the colour matches so perfectly with my skin tone. You hardly use any so it will really last, but as this one is the new kid on the block it will be interesting to see what other people think. I have been very happy. X


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