Thursday, March 17, 2011

A good blow dry & amazing products can make your hair younger!

Oh hair, how I love you, you have the ability to make me feel from drab to fab with just one wash. Some products make you feel shiner and softer than others and so I am always on the look out for them. When I was told about this new range of hair products from Pantene and how they they have combine with Wella Hair Professionals to create a super range of anti-ageing hair care products called Clinicare. Now anti-ageing, I know what you might be thinking, ummm... why miss chew, you are so young, why do you need anti-ageing? Naww, your so sweet, even though yes I may seem young in anti-ageing terms, your hair is a whole different story. I have been dying my hair, heat styling my hair for too many years to count which in hair care terms is like dog years making my hair much older than it is. 

 Not only do these products take off years of your hair age but my god, check out the packaging!! I am sorry but this is not what I expect from Pantene, to me these just scream luxury! Love, love, love! Back to business, the scent is just divine and I can smell it a mile away, with orange and pear its great. 
I was lucky enough to be invited to the amazing Barney Martin Hair Studios in Surry Hills to be able to expierence these products on myself and to really get a feel of the concept of a hair washing routine. I was educated how before I shampoo my hair I should brush it thoroughly then shampoo it twice to get a more effective clean. 
The conditioner  brings my hair back to life protecting the hair by coating the hair fibres. With scents of Lily of the Valley combine with the previous orange and pear it is just gorgeous. 
 Another tip I learnt was to wring the water out of my hair before I condition it and to focus on the tips and avoiding the scalp which is something I am definitely guilty of!
Back to the treatment I have a few pics to show off to you especially the before and after as you can really see just how amazing it made my hair!
Look how beautiful these products are?

Yummy treats

Before- Can ya tell I am excited?
Almost Done- I could get used to this!
Wouldyacheck out my hair!!!! Look how goddamn shiny it is!! It is so bouncy, glossy, the colour just glows, I mean really, what more proof do you need as to how great these products are? Van my stylist is divine there is no denying it but goddamn it feels like kittens and silky puppy dogs (yes I just referred to my hair as an animal, but an animal I want to stroke). The feeling doesn't go away any time soon either. I feel like I have the soft hair of a child, see does make my hair younger. 

How much would these products cost?: The shampoo and conditioner cost $14.99 each there is also a hair treatment which come in individual little tubes and cost $19.99 for a packet. 

You can find these products? In Priceline and leading pharmacies and supermarkets. 

Such a winner!

What do you think?

miss chew



  1. Your hair in the after pic looks amazing! I love that it's so glossy

  2. So amazingly beautiful. Love your hair and dress!

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