Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fantastic Serum for only $9.95?? Get out of town!!

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The content of this post is actually from my parents well mainly my dad. My dad has been going on and on about how badly he thinks I should write about it as it really is that amazing. 
The serum I am talking about is from, wait for it.... Aldi! Yep, for $9.95 you can get the Lacura Face Care Aqua Complete Multi Intensive Serum
This serum is a cream gel and smells like shampoo which I don't all together mind and my dad says the smell goes away quite quickly. 
Both my parents said it feels really soothing on your skin and feels cool and light. 
One thing they loved is that it is easily absorbed and it just dissapears into the skin not leaving a heavy residue yet still feeling great on their skin. 
What was the biggest surprise to them both was that it really reduced their wrinkles, especially around the eyes. My dad especially will not stop going on about how smooth it made his skin and how his wrinkles are gone. My dad says it is suitable for after shaving which means its gentle. 
The scent is suitable for both men and women and suits all skin types. 
My parents have used many different great brands and yet this is the one they love? It sounds so strange and due to the ridiculously low price point they can really enjoy using it and not feel like they have be scarce with it like they would a really expensive cream. 

With this low price point I really think you should try it out for yourself, what have you got to lose?

You can find this little wonder product:  From Aldi Stores nationally.

Honestly, gives this one a try, it is such a little wonder product!

What is your cheapie wonder?

Would you consider trying this product?

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  1. Wow that is a bargain! I think it's so cute that your Dad takes notice of a skin care product.

  2. Aldi offers up all manner of gems ... would you like a snowboard with those South African biscuits? So, not surprising ... very cute that your dad insisted you blog it!

  3. Wow!! I have to try this, especially if your parents say it did reduce their wrinkles. :)

  4. Honestly if you can find it it really is worth a try. Yes my dad is adorable, I can't believe how much he loves his beauty products these days, I must be rubbing off him!

  5. Think I might grab this for my Mama, my plan is to convert her into a guest blogger too!

  6. That is so good, especially for the price. May have to test it out :)


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