Thursday, March 10, 2011

Perfume: Dolce & Gabbana- Rose the One

As the last present for my birthday from my boyfriends parents I was given a bottle of Dolce & Gabbana- Rose the One. I usually go for heavier floral fragrances such as Marc Jacobs Daisy so when I was given this it was definitely a different scent for me.
At first it appears very citrus with just a faint rose touch. As the scent develops on my skin I can detect the rose and a slight vanilla and musk and the result is a really refreshingly light perfume.

The tops notes I learn are pink grapefruit, mandarin and cassis which would explain why it smells so citrus. The deeper scents which appear later are of peony, lily, lycee and Bulgarian rose. The later scents are so soft of vanilla, musk and amber base.

This perfume is truly a delight to wear and is perfect for work when you need a light refreshing scent or to wear to brunch with the girls.

I was given this as part of a gift pack with a Body Lotion and Body Wash both of which are perfect to help you layer your perfumes for a big day or night out.

I generally only apply the lotion to my arms as I find this is where it is most effective, concentrating on the inner part of my arm where my wrists and elbow joints are as this is where the scent will blossom (get my rose reference) with my body heat throughout the day.

You can find this perfume: Myer, David Jones, The Perfume Connection and selected fine pharmacies.

Price: I got the largest which is a 75ml which is $159.

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