Thursday, March 3, 2011

REVIEW: NEW OPI TEXAS Nail Lacquer Collection

OPI really are the leaders when it comes to nail lacquers, they never cease to bring a rock em sock em collection. The latest is the Texas collection and I absolutely love them. I have been tossing up ever since they come out as to which colours to choose. 
It was a tough decision as the colours are divine but I was thinking about Winter. I chose "Suzi Loves Cowboys" and "It's Totally Fort Worth It". Like always the names are both hilarious and extremely clever!

First up is "It's Totally Fort Worth It".This colour is just beautiful. It is like a more grown up sophisticated silver. The colour has a tiny pink shimmer in it and I think this will be a great colour for Winter. You need 3 coats to get a thick full colour finish as it can be quite transparent.
The second polish is my favourite "Suzi Loves Cowboys" I absolutely LOVE this colour! Oh my goodness, it is described as a chocolate brown but to me this must be friggin dark chocolate as it is ust off black but that is what I love about it. Unlike black which can be harsh sometimes for work for example this colour is softer. The other part I love about this colour is my god it is shiny, even without a top coat.

I know that with Winter coming (eek) like the clothes that we wear so too will the colours I paint my nails change to reflect the weather. I know that this winter thanks to all the runway catwalk predictions it will all be about nudes, browns, greys and khaki colours which my poor nail lacquer collection lacks in (I try and tell my boyfriend that this is the excuse to buy more colours-I don't think he believes me. "But babe I don't have a light brown that isn't too pinkie or not too dark"). I don't think he understand the importance. At least I paint my nails often enough to actually get some use out of my colours... 

You can find OPI: At salons, online or my fave which is David Jones which has the full collection, omg I love it!
Price: $19.95 each

Have you bought any from the Texas Collection? What ones are on your wish list?

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