Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How to get a Matte Finish on your Nails

I have read a few blogs about the trends on having a matte finish to your nails. I thought it could make my nails have a more sophisticated finish.
For this example I chose an Australis Nail Polish called "Pleased as Punch". Just a side note I love how the Australis nail polishes are against animal testing! Always happy to support a brand that is so against animal testing. 
This colour didn't come up very well as it is a really bright purple, think Grimace off Sesame St if you catch my drift. This is a great formular and dries really quickly.
Next, once it has dried you apply the Top Coat, for this I applied Rimmel LONDON Lycra Pro Matte Finish-$9.95, within seconds of it drying the finish becomes really matte which I find as fascinating as watching crackle polish.
What do you think? It really changes the polish don't you think? The only complaint I have is that it only looks really, really good matte for one day, the second day is starts to not look as Matte and becomes a bit shiny. 

You can find Rimmel: at Priceline and other chemists and department stores. 

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