Monday, July 11, 2011

Review: The Jojoba Company Absolute Serum and Pure Australian Golden Jojoba

The Absolute Serum
The Jojoba Company is a fantastic Australian grown company which has risen among the international brands hitting our shores and has stayed true to it's Aussie roots. I was lucky enough recently to be able to try both their Absolute Serum and their  Pure Australian Golden Jojoba.

To start off with I would like to mention that all the Jojoba products contain no nasties including; parabeens, sulfates, Paraffin, artificial colours or fragrances among many others, WIN! I just love hearing about this from brands, to me it means they have stayed true to themselves and the products they are offereing. 

The Absolute Serum-$79.95 is an anti-ageing serum has 2 particular ingredients  called Silymarin and carnosine which help do the usual "anti-ageing" thing of reducing fine lines and plump your skin. It also contains my fave wonder ingredient Hyaluronic Acid which helps your skin hold in the hydration and it has vitamin C which I have also said before is perfect at healing imperfections in your skin. 

When I use this serum I notice that it is very light and you only need the smallest amount as it goes a long way. When I gently move the product into my skin, my skin feels hydrated and well loved, something we all really need with this nasty weather. (If you live in Sydney right now, how crazy has this wind been? So unkind for your skin). I notice with my skin that the fine lines which become more prominent when I know my skin is dry have lessened and my skin is returning to it's "glow". The product smells beautiful and natural and really is a pleasure to use and I will keep using it for sure. 

The second product Pure Australian Golden Jojoba-$18.95 is a wonderful liquid wax. Liquid wax you ask?? Yes liquid wax, this product which jojoba call "natures natural wrinkle fighter which is also a antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, hypo-allergenic and analgesic" contains wonderful anti-oxidants, as well as your omega 6 and 9 among many others really does wonders.

How it works is really interesting, it is carried in through your skin through your skins sebum or oil carrying vessels its the sebum which naturally acts to moisturise our skin. This product aims to assist this process which decreases as we age. What for me, I loved about this product is that is can be used anywhere, not just for your face, I know my poor legs can really suffer in this weather, no matter how much I moisturise so this product really helps to get that moisture back into my skin, no more scaly legs.

The other great part of this product is the price, it's cheap as chippies and means you can bump up to a bigger bottle. The recent new fave way to use this product though is as a deeply moisturising hair mask, just pop it in your washed hair over night and wash out the next day, trust me your hair will be ridic soft!

I highly recommend supporting this great Australian brand. 

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Have you tried Jojoba products before, what did you think?

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