Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dermalogica giving your skin a chance to have a clean start!

Sometimes we all need a little helping hand, I know my skin does. Right now I am suffering from a hormonal breakout and I am not happy. Recently I was sent a couple of little goodies which are these fantastic little introduction sets each with a specific purpose.

major breakout mini kit
We dedicated an entire kit to solving the #1 young adult skin issue: breakouts!
Wash Off (50 ml)
Bedtime for Breakouts (15 ml)
Hit the Spot (3 ml)
RRP: $28.00
This pack contains everything you need to fight your acne. The cleanser smells like jaffa chocolates (yummo) and is a foaming cleanser (these are particularily great on young skin as the absorb the excess oil that comes with teenage years). Then of a night you apply the Beadtime for Breakouts which is a clear gel which really gets into the pimples to help dry, heal and erase the pimples and then my fave Hit the Spot which you put directly on the pimple and can be applied whenever you need to, this baby really sicks those pimples in their tracks, I apply it very frequently and then poof gone! This will really be a new fave for me. 

get glowing mini kit
Exfoliate and illuminate to get skin glowing – perfect for formal, graduation and beyond!
Ready, Set, Scrub! (15 ml)
Brighten Up SPF15 (15 ml)
Smart Mouth Lip Shine (3 ml)
RRP: $28.00

This kit to me is like all those little extras everyone should have but may not. The scrub is actually a mask/scrub, you apply it like a mask and leave it on for 10-15 mins then when you wash it off, I like to do so with a hot, damp face cloth which I gently rub the mask off in circular motions which really exfoliates my face and leaves my skin feeling baby smooth after. 
The Brighten Up is a great little tinted moisturiser with SPF, I really love this, I have been using it every day and you only need a tiny amount as it spreads really far, gives light coverage and is moisturising. 
The Smart Mouth Lip Shine is a lovely little lip balm which is perfect for this Winter weather 

To me, the kits are really affordable for what they offer, I have been using the cleanser and tinter mosituriser every day for weeks and they show no sign of being used up. These are great if you are prone to breakouts every now and again and want to have this kit handy for when you want to attack them or if you have or are a teenager who is looking to get into skin care but you don't really know where to start. 

You can find Dermalogica: From Salons nationally or visiting Adore beauty at 

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