Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Male Files- Keeping your man looking mighty fine!

My man, bless him is rather hopeless when it comes to grooming, luckily his hair looks amazing without the need of any product whatsoever... *swoon* Sorry I lose my point... We were sent a big loot of goodies from Gilette Fusion products and I thought finally a reason to get my man to finally start to appreciate all the work I put into myself to make me look and feel good and also so he could appreciate how great it will actually make his skin feel. He gets terribly sensitive skin when he shaves and this could finally be the ticket he needs. 

The first product he tried was the Gillette Fusion Thermal Face Scrub-$12.99 never to have used a scrub before I was trying to demonstrate how to use this product and when I said you rub it in with circular motions he just laughed at me, hmm maybe this is more of a girl comment. Sorry back to the reivew, when he used this scrub he commented that the scrub feels a lot smoother to apply then he expected and does actually make his skin feel really warm. The warming scrub helps clear away excess dirt and oil (something guys really notice a lot more) and prepares the hair for shaving. Already after using product his skin feels so much softer something he is definitely not used to.

The second product he tried was the Gillette Fusion Hydra Gel Shaving Cream- $7.34.  This shaving foam even though it isn't as foamy as others he has used in the past he did comment that it was a lot easier to shave with this gel to foam than others. What I like is that the product contains Aloe and Vitamin E, my man gets a terrible shaving rash and these ingredients really help to gently protect his skin, I have noticed a huge difference in the reddness he normally gets down his neck. 

When it acutally comes down to the shaving this is without a doubt his new favourite toy. The Gillette Fushion ProGlide™ Power-$16.99 really makes his life so much easier, not only does the vibrations make it easier to get a nice clean shave but it really helps to get to the harder to reach areas under his jawline and he needs to apply much less pressure then other razors. 

Lastly for after the shaving is the Gillette Intense Cooling Balm-$11.99 like all the rest of the products in this range smells nice and manly and when he applies this product the ultra cold sensation definitley wakes him up and feels so nice and fresh. This product really helps make his skin feel so much softer then it ever has before. Rather than just shaving and scraping his skin leaving it red and raw he is finally protecting the skin, preparing it and treating it. 

Now whilst I haven't yet got my man to use products everyday, I do now know that everytime he shaves (roughly every 10 days) he will now use these products. If your man sounds similiar to this then he needs these products, it has made such a positive difference for his skin and soft kissable skin is not a bad thing for me either!

Has your man tried Gilletter? Does your man use products?

miss chew


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