Friday, July 22, 2011

Quick and Easy Hair Treatment from Schwarzkopf

Good lord, if you are not living in Sydney then right now consider yourself lucky, we are getting an absolute beating my mother nature like no other. There is the wind the rain and then the cold which is playing havoc on us right now and my hair is copping most of it. The thing is I have really long hair and I really only like wearing it out as I really suck at styling my hair and whenever I wear it up I feel like I look really young, anyway... So with this weather my poor hair is just getting beaten. In this weather everytime I wash my hair which is every 2-3 days depending on whether I have been running or not I put a treatment through it just to help the poor bugger face another day. The treatment I have been reaching for more often then any other right now is Schwarzkopf Extra Care Liquid Silk Repair and Gloss Treatment- $7.99 If you can get over the fact that it has a really long name you would find a really amazing, lazy girls leave in hair treatment. When I towel dry my hair I just spray this all over and comb my hair. Now before I get into the technical side I want to tell you my favourite part, it is a fantastic detangler! I don't know if you guys when you were kids, you used to have bottles of detangler which worked a treat, my hair was always so long and knotted as a kid and spraying some of this made my life so much easier and I am feeling exactly the same way. As this is a spray bottle there is no sticky fingers as you try work the product in and I never feel like I need to be precious with how much I use because it is too expensive or that it will cause product build up leading to limp hair. 

Now moving over to the technical side this little spray contains wonder hair ingredient of the moment "liquid keratin" which really, really repairs damaged hair, right down to the damn hair follicle, it fills in any gaps which each hair follicle may have which is what happens to damaged hair, enough little gaps and the hair breaks... not cool huh?

This product also smells just gorgeous and leaves my hair feeling really soft, silky (as they say it will) and ready to fight another god awful Winter day.

So tell me, are you using hair treatments to look after your hair? 

Are you living somewhere with nice weather right now? Or maybe don't tell me that...

miss chew


Please note this product was offered for consideration 

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  1. I am in love with this stuff - I can always see the difference when I put it in... Brilliant and so cheap. Just remember to shake the bottle :)


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